Xpanse, a brand new product by Quantum digital to engage with customers. An exciting fully customisable 3D virtual environment, providing a unique freedom of movement inside a 3D space to browse and interact!


Create a tailored 3D experience to show host your live show. Using cloud-based rendering for a real-time, realistic exhibition.

  • Customisable floor-plan
  • Optimised for desktop and mobile
  • 3D navigation with a freedom of movement to roam and browse product
  • Photo-real environment
  • Interactive multi-media and viewing of small to large format video screens
  • Hosted on secure cloud rendering servers with a straightforward hosting fee structure
  • NO requirement for powerful graphics cards in a user’s computer.
  • Only an internet connection is required to access and experience.
  • AND, Xpanse can integrate existing pre-rendered exhibition renders, taking the physical INTO the digital word


Engage your audience with context driven content, rich media and direct chat and interactive talks.

  • Customers can enter the Xpanse Theatre for live streaming or pre-recorded press events, product launches, keynotes and much more.
  • A carefully considered connectivity centre for live chat and webinars
  • Information download centre
  • Integration of other third party virtual event APIs, opening up countless user opportunities.


Track customer interactions from signup to product interest. Send the results to the platform of your choice for deep CRM integration.

  • Event tracking
  • Google analytics
  • Integration with third-party lead generation services such as Salesforce

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