Quantum Digital is a market leader in engineering, energy sector and industrial video and animation for 2D and 3D animation services. Using these creative tools to communicate complex ideas and scenarios safely and effectively while engaging your audience with both visual and audible stimulation. Video and animation services provided by Quantum Digital can enhance your marketing and audience interaction by creating affordable content showcasing your products and services in fully customisable formats.

Visualise subsea tools in motion using animation

Using animation to view key assets can help your business to maximise operating capacity, review assets prior to maintenance or decommissioning, image sharing across asset teams, knowledge sharing and most importantly using our animation tools to ensure health and safety communications can be accessed remotely across your business.

Our animation capabilities in engineering, commercial, energy and construction gives us a direct understanding of the energy industry and benefits in adopting animation as a way of communicating complex project designs and integrations to existing systems.

Animation can become an integral tool in the maintenance cycle of your operating assets. Pre construction design often engages with animation to show construction teams an animated version of the physical structure prior to being engineered.

Creating impactful animations for marketing, education, training and communication

The Quantum Digital team are dedicated to creating impactful content, storytelling in specific environments, years of experience in capturing key message content and configuring a story telling process which captures the imagination and attention of the viewer is integral to what we do.

Whether you wish to capture images from the air, on land, subsea or in an enclosed space we can bring those images to life in 3D animated formats, video production and digital interaction platforms capable of sharing your content across multiple platforms and devices.


Animation can be used to sell products, educate, train and advise

Using animation tools and video in a storytelling format is extremely beneficial for your businesses sales teams, presenting new product concepts, tools or maintenance strategies, whether your requirements are for sub sea or highly technical top side tools and instruments. Quantum Digital can take your flat 2d presentations, slides and drawings and bring them to life embedded in presentations or as stand alone animated productions.

We can add voice over, music, graphics and charts as well as providing sub titled content in hundreds of languages depending on your audience. Bringing your tools or instruments to life in animation is a proven method for engaging audiences.

Animate the inner workings of business critical assets or tools

Quantum Digital is comprised of a team of individuals with decades of experience as CAD designers and animators in industrial related fields. Our creative services are applicable to and used by companies in a wide variety of industries, such as energy/oil and gas, manufacturing, medical, and engineering. We are constantly expanding our knowledge base and service offerings so that we may continue to help our clients stand out as an innovative leader in their industry.

If you have a question, specific need or just want to find out how using animation in your business can benefit we would love to hear from you.


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